Why produce a video? Well ... some people say it's the future of communication online. Show what you do, don't just write about it. Video is emotionally engaging, shareable on social media, and can help search engines like Google rank your site more highly. At barriemedia we produce sponsored content for broadcast, marketing videos, case studies, and sometimes return to our roots as television journalists. We combine years of experience with the latest thinking on the future of video.

Presentation Training

At barriemedia we specialise in presentation training in English for people who don't speak it as their native language. English is the global language of business, and a good presentation in English could be key for you in winning attention, customers or a promotion. We'll make the terror out of public speaking, and even make it an enjoyable experience. We have worked for years as presenters on national and international BBC. And worked with clients like the European Commission and L'Oreal

Media Training

However you spread your message now, not much beats getting some editorial coverage in respected, media outlets. But an encounter with a journalist can be a minefield. We've worked as BBC journalists for decades, and know what our colleagues want, and what they'll reject. What stories do journalists like? What can you do with yours to make it fly? We'll show you how to look your best, and deal with hostile questioning as well. We can also help you hone your message to maximise media attention.